Workshop Instructors - Judges JasonAndSophy are professional dance instructors, choreographers and performers based in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. They will be two of your instructors and judges.


“Will you be joining us? Louisville KY, Jan. 25-28th. 600+ dancers can’t be wrong!”

Jason Miklic and Sophy Kdep met on the dance floor in May of 1998, and they have been dancing together ever since. They travel all over the country teaching, competing, performing and judging. They are ranked among the top West Coast Swing dancers in the country. JasonAndSophy are full-time dance instructors specializing in swing, country, hustle, ballroom and theatre arts. They are passionate promoters of west coast swing. As instructors, JasonAndSophy are known for their unique ability to illustrate techniques to give their students a better understanding of movements and to help them achieve their maximum dancing potential. JasonAndSophy love to share their passion and knowledge for dancing and invite you to dance at their non-competitive dance events: The 8th annual Swingin’ Dance Party – August 25-28, 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio.