ProAm Routines Int/Adv

ProAm Routine Compeition

ProAm Routine Int/Adv will be Saturday Night!

Our goal to become THE PREMIER EVENT for Pro Am Routines! Thats why the Saturday night show is all about the Int/Adv ProAm Routine division!

Here is what we offer….

A ProAm Routine division for Int/Adv competition will be judged as you would normally PLUS the audience will vote a winner as well.

Prizes for the Audience Vote!
$1000 in Prize Money!
(1st-$500, 2nd-$300, 3rd-$200)

If you have any questions please contact us!

Best of luck!
Brian B

"What a great weekend!!!" We got back home around 4 today and decided if there were another one next weekend, we'd be on our way.
I've attended many such weekend events over the last 27 years, but none compared to this one.
I've never had the pleasure of dealing with such an open, attentive group of people. Just want all of you to be aware how much we appreciate you and value having met all personally. - Don Walker